Bellis Flower. Blooming in spring and summer, they prefer cool weather, and often decline when hot weather arrives. Loose rosettes of small dark green leaves.

Flower Pink Daisy Monterosa (bellis Perennis) Perennials
Flower Pink Daisy Monterosa (bellis Perennis) Perennials from

Bellis members have basal leaves and solitary flower. There are varieties with enormous flowers, but bellis perennis ‘double. Bellis perennis by saturn ♄.

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It mixes well with spring bulbs, myosotis and other early flowering plants. The plant blooms around may through july (spring/summer). Bellis flowers are a cheerful addition to the garden and will brighten up any garden with their colourful displays.

It Is The Most Commonly Known Face Of Daisy.

More than 20 petals/rays flower size: The flowers have white, pink, or red rays with a yellow center and are up to 2 inches across. Daisies or bellis perennis in coudersport, pa.

English Daisies Have Long Been Popular For Spring Bedding, Particularly In Mild Winter Regions.

English daisies have long been popular for spring bedding, particularly in mild winter regions. The common name daisy is a corruption of “day’s eye” and is a reference to the way that the flower closes at night and opens in the day. Bellis is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family.

Bellis Daisies, As They Are Commonly Called, Are A.

It is suitable for any skincare concept providing even and luminous complexion and radiant skin. They make good plants for rockeries. Hence bellis perennis is widely called the common daisy, english daisy or lawn daisy.

Other Names, Such As Common Or Lawn Daisy, Make More Sense Since This Short Plant Is A Familiar Sight In Grassy Areas.

Bellis perennis is a herbaceous plant belonging to the asteraceae family. Bellis is a very robust and hardy plant that is often used for spring bedding. The plant was described by chaucer as the 'day's eye', and ' the emperice and flour of floures alle '.


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