Coleus And Hostas. Use the warm color of this beautiful coleus variety to brighten up your garden or interior space! Annette coppess march 31, 2021.

hostas and coleus... Hostas, Scape, Plants
hostas and coleus… Hostas, Scape, Plants from

One of the easiest ways to make a statement with hostas is to plant them with a whole bunch of other hostas. Caladiums come in two primary leaf shapes: Just like coleus, there are other bright and colorful foliage plants like heuchera and hostas.

Annette Coppess March 31, 2021.

Caladiums and coleus are prized by gardeners for their ability to brighten and enhance the garden with their colorful foliage. Deer aren’t generally attracted to the taste of coleus, it’s pungent and not delicious like a hosta or hydrangea. Last year we planed coleuses (is that the correct plural?) in between several hostas in our garden, which gets full sun all day.

Warmer Zones Can Grow Coleus As Garden Perennials, Where They Can Grow To Resemble Small Shrubs With Thick Woody Stems.

Coleuses are very easy to grow from seed, and its fun to see the different color of plant that will grow from one packet of seed. However, if a deer has sampled coleus, it will be more likely to eat come back and eat it more often. There’s no single, classic hosta:

Caladiums Come In Two Primary Leaf Shapes:

The plant grows the first year and flowers the second and then dies. Both the hostas and coleuses grew like crazy and were beautiful. Tall, 36 to 48 in.

Most Coleus Plants Don’t Tolerate Direct, Sustained Sunlight.

Can coleus plants grow indoors? Hostas are a good solution for shaded areas where there’s not enough sun to grow a healthy lawn. Use some hostas with variegated leaves and some with solid colored leaves so that it doesn’t look too busy.

Just Like Coleus, There Are Other Bright And Colorful Foliage Plants Like Heuchera And Hostas.

How to grow coleus plants 1. See more ideas about planting flowers, plants, hostas. It’s kind of a cross between an annual and a perennial.


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