Colored Hostas. For the best color, a space that offers some morning sunshine during the growing season, with dappled to full shade for protection in the heat of the afternoon, is ideal. This gives softness and color to contrast with the hosta foliage.

100pcs/bag mixed color Hosta plants,Hosta 'Whirl Wind' in
100pcs/bag mixed color Hosta plants,Hosta 'Whirl Wind' in from

Left to their own devices, they will thrive without much fuss or maintenance, and even have the potential to outlive their owners. Gold hostas can range from pale yellow to a deep gold in color. Hostas come in a wide range of leaf color, texture and sizes.

They're Extremely Hardy, Require Very Little Maintenance And, Best Of All, Hostas Are Shade Tolerant!

They look terrific in containers, too! But the most amazing thing about hostas is their gorgeous foliage. The exceptional color and lovely scent of its big white blooms are the star attractions of this hosta.

The Oval Leaves Have Gold Tinges And Streaks Towards The Center.

Green colored hostas can range from a pale green to a deep dark green. by crossing hostas with a flower scape tinged red or burgundy, generation after generation, hybridizers have, for a few years now, succeeded in transferring this coloration to part of the leaf at least: Their leaf colors range from greens, blues, golds, yellows, and whites.

Hostas Are Incredibly Versatile Perennials That Can Brighten Any Garden With Endless Variations Of Colors, Sizes And Shapes.

What color do hostas come in? The golden gems of the hosta world. The burgundy petioles of ‘red october’ hosta are beautifully colored, but often you have to lift the foliage to notice them.

Blue Hostas Are Not Only Favored For Their Color.

Below are some lists to help you in your journey to find just the right variety. So many types and color options. These plants are also incredibly easy to care for when given the right conditions.

Left To Their Own Devices, They Will Thrive Without Much Fuss Or Maintenance, And Even Have The Potential To Outlive Their Owners.

In climates with hot dry summers, this variety should be given shade in the afternoon, when sunlight can be harsh and desiccate the large leaves. Most hostas do well in full to partial shade, and they’re not suited to hotter areas of the us. This rhododendron bush is in a garden bed that gets very little sunlight until later in the afternoon.


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