November 29, 2022

Deer Resistant Shrubs For Shade. They come in numerous shapes and sizes and need little maintenance. Rhododendronwill thrive when planted in shaded areas.

Deer Resistant Shrubs For Shade Bees and Roses
Deer Resistant Shrubs For Shade Bees and Roses from

The common hybrid rhododendron seems to be a favorite food of deer. Boxwood shrubs are a garden staple. Barrenwort (epimedium sp.) is one of the most deer tolerant plants for shady gardens.

It’s An Evergreen Shrub, But It Looks The Best Each Year In The Early Spring With The Flowers First Start To Bloom And Give Off A Heavy Scent.

Japanese pieres, also called andromedia, is a medium sized shrub that does well in shade and is also deer resistant. Scientists believe that deer are colorblind so they will dine on your favorite flowers no matter the color. This is a very dense flowering deer resistant shrub that the deer will avoid due to the fragrance the flowers release.

Many Of The Shrubs Mentioned Above (Bluebeard, Namely) Are Both Pretty Flowering Shrubs And Deer Resistant Shrubs, But Here Are A Few More Options:

They come in numerous shapes and sizes and take well to pruning. Woody ornamental plants rarely damaged by deer. Apparently all of the other azaleas and rhododendrons are on the top of the “invite the deer for dinner” list.

The Common Hybrid Rhododendron Seems To Be A Favorite Food Of Deer.

One shade tolerant broadleaf evergreen that deer leave alone is boxwood. The image shows one planted in a flower box and kept to a manageable size. Deer resistant shrubs for shady areas.

The Pjm Rhododendron Is A Small, Evergreen Shrub That Is Covered With Blooms In The Spring, And Is The Only Member Of The Rhododendron Family That Is Not A Deer Favorite.

Because the sharpest knives deserve the most protective gloves. What flowering shrubs are deer resistant? Varies by species, but most are hardy to zone 7 or 8 water requirement:

Butterfly Bush, Forsythia, Camellia, Snowball Bush And Other Viburnum, Abelia, Barberry, Spirea, Lilac, And Weigela Are All Deer Resistant Flowering Shrubs.

This shade shrub is incredibly fragrant but only smells good to humans. While no plant is ever entirely safe from deer, the following selections usually escape damage in all but the leanest of times. Choose plants with prickles or thorns.

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