Eternals Trailer Boring. Eternals trailers and posters feature the (admittedly impressive). Fresh off of winning the best director oscar for “nomadland,” chloé zhao.

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Eternals' first trailer gave the impression this arrival was going to be an epic 2001: But i firmly believe the quality of marvel movies have a lot to do with the director. The eternals, who it's already established don't really know each other, arrive already fighting against the deviants in perfect sync as a team with.

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So, the few glimpses into what is to be marvel’s phase 4 has left the fandom quite split. Based on the trailer i mean, i've never been a fan of jolie, i mean she does good things for kids and is a philanthropist. Eternals is a movie full of opportunities, most of which it sidesteps in favor of its least charismatic heroes, its least interesting questions.

I like that about her, but as far as acting nope, never liked any of her movies not even her role in beowulf was that entertaining and i like that movie.

If eternals serves as a boring bridge to the next stage of a more ambitious and exciting mcu, so be it. Eternals might be too boring for some, too long, and too different, but i was happy to endure it all. The trailer of eternals looks really cheap (artistically, not financially).

Marvel studios fans mocked the line pointing out all of the disasters that have been inflicted on earth, most notably with thanos wiping out half of all life in the universe.

The redditor's complaint about newer superhero films being boring is a little baffling. Fresh off of winning the best director oscar for “nomadland,” chloé zhao. I'm starting to think that the person who made this trailer doesn't even know what the word trailer means!

We have no idea what the plots going to be about, we don't know who our antagonist is.

Also the dialogue in this trailer is garbage. The we haven't interfered thing pissed me off the most. The eternals trailer dropped and it looks boring, albeit beautifully shot.

The saga of the eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on earth and shaped its history and civilizations.

We talk about whether or not marvel will have its first flop with the eternals, an. In the comments of the movie’s trailer on the official marvel entertainment page mork wrote, “half of all life gets wiped out by thanos. Join me as i take a look at the first trailer for marvel's the eternals.


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