Heat Tolerant Hostas. Hostas with fragrant blooms require more sun to bloom well. Montana (all green species) bressingham blue;

Hosta plantaginea royal standard; large heat tolerant
Hosta plantaginea royal standard; large heat tolerant from www.pinterest.com

Once established, they can take the summer heat and withstand mild droughts. Plants can tolerate heat waves (even in the temperature range around 100°f (38°c), provided they have adequate water and shade. The farther south you live, the more water and shade hostas need.

Hostas Like Cold Weather, Mcgee Has Discovered, When The Plants Develop Roots.

These hostas were developed on long island and are also very tolerant of heat when healthy. Additionally, in general the lakeside series of hostas were developed to grow in warmer states. I have this hosta in moderate shade, but it always looks good, surviving our historic drought two years ago in fine shape.

Those Zones Include Almost All Of The U.s.

Hostas’ large leaves do not lend themselves well to intense full sun. Hostas with fragrant blooms require more sun to bloom well. Most hostas grow best in usda hardiness zones 3 to 8, with some varieties suitable for zone 9.

There May Be More, But These I Have In My Gardens And So Can Say They Are Quite Sun Tolerant.

The required winter dormancy for a hosta is genetic and is based on the part of the world. Will hostas grow in zone 9? The heat will burn the plants from the edges to the center of the leaves.

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This low maintenance biennial will fit into your busy schedule; Small to medium hosta cultivar. 12 inches tall by 24 inches wide, possibly larger.

It’s A Drought Tolerant, Mounding Beauty That Can Grow To 12 Inches Tall And Double That Size In Width.

Plantaginea is one of the most heat tolerant hosta species. Varieties of sun tolerant hostas. They can tolerate a great deal of afternoon sun:


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