Hosta Jaws. Leaf length x width : Attractive mound of deep green wavy foliage with serrated edges like a sharks tooth.

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About me cap's garden my collection. The serrated edge gets more pronounced with age. Mesa fringe $ 18.00 add to cart.

Groen Blad Met Een Geribbelde En Getande Bladrand, Snel Groeiend.

Hosta 'jaws' known for its incredibly frilled and rippled, narrow, deep green foliage; One of the best from hybridizer alttara scheer of connecticut. Hosta 'jaws' has narrow dark green elliptic leaves, with prominent veining and a wavy margin.

$16.99 1 Gallon (R14) New.

Leaf 16long by 11wide, bright gold, heavily rippled, broadly ovate shaped with a deeply lobed base, curled tip, with approx. Hosta 'jet 'black' this is a very blue hosta that grows quickly into a large mound. Grøn blad med en takket kant.

Hosta 'Jaws' A Fast Growing Variety That Forms A Dense Clump Of Deep Green Foliage With Wavy And Serrated Edges.

Description additional information reviews (0) description. Deep green leaves have fantastic substance, but watch out when you brush up against it.the wavy leaf edges are intensely serrated like tiny teeth. Why should i grow it?

Hostas Being Quite Fast Growing Will Soon Cover The Holes Or Just Cut The Leaf Off.

Hosta 'jetstream' rich blue colour; [m] this plant may be green, but it packs a big punch! 10 inches tall by 30 inches wide.

A Good Grower Both In The Ground And Pots.

One of the best from alttara scheer of connecticut. Hosta ' jaws ' € 10,00. Via felice cavallotti, 296 25018 montichiari brescia (italy) [email protected]


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