Large Leaf Hostas. And some can grow to more than 6 feet in width. Empress wu hosta (40″t x 70″w) and gentle giant hosta (46″ t x 70″w) have been two of our biggest sellers of the giant hosta varieties that we grow over the last two growing seasons.

Giant Hosta 2016 Garden Plant leaves, Garden, Giant hosta
Giant Hosta 2016 Garden Plant leaves, Garden, Giant hosta from

Hosta gardeners are clearly obsessed with size and i can understand this from my own gardening experience. 2 x hosta sieboldiana var. Secondly, what is the bluest hosta?

Grow Our Biggest Hostas In All Their Large Leaf Glory!

The gentle giant hosta looks like it’s constantly reaching for the sky. Margin becomes wider with age. Hostas are generally bluer when they first emerge as this is when the leaf bloom is developed.hosta ‘fragrant blue’ (which ironically is not fragrant) has an uncanny ability to send up new foliage late into the season which helps this hosta stay blue longer.

Prolific Spreaders, They Can Grow To Be Five Feet Wide.

Its leaves are cupped and point upward, making this the most upright hosta on the list. Lighter centre boadered by a white line. A slow grower, touch of class has lavender blooms in midsummer.

Empress Wu Hosta (40″T X 70″W) And Gentle Giant Hosta (46″ T X 70″W) Have Been Two Of Our Biggest Sellers Of The Giant Hosta Varieties That We Grow Over The Last Two Growing Seasons.

Plant it in full sun to partial shade using rich, moist soil on the edges of pond or stream or bog gardens. Hosta of the year 2014. Take a video tour of giant hostas in our gardens at new.

Some Of The Very Large Hosta Varieties Include:

Background hosta are large plants that can be used with garden furniture or yard art to create a focal point. The plant should be protected from cold wind. Hosta 'tokudama' x hosta sieboldiana 'elegans'.

Large Green Leaves With Chartreuse Edges That Look As If They Were Painted With Watercolors Are A Standout Feature Of This Cultivar, And They Can Grow To Be Over A Foot Each In Either Dimension!

2 x hosta sieboldiana var. Pale lavender flowers from mid july into august. 16 long by 12 wide) 'krossa regal' blue;


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