Low Growing Shrubs For Shade. It likes moderate shade and can grow up to six or seven feet wide and eight feet tall. Use azalea or camellia fertilizer during their growing season, which is winter to early summer.

14 Beautiful Shrubs That Will Thrive in Shady Yards
14 Beautiful Shrubs That Will Thrive in Shady Yards from br.pinterest.com

Viburnums come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit almost any landscape situation. The difference is that azaleas are generally smaller plants and can be either deciduous or evergreen bushes. Originally from japan, the japanese pieris blooms for about three weeks in march and april.

The Smaller Varieties Have An Average Height Of 3 Feet, And Some Types Spread Up To 15 Feet.

White flowering snowball viburnum flowering shrub ($34, lowe's) You get colorful flowers in the shade! Native to north america, this will grow up to 20 feet tall and spread its foliage 25 feet wide.

This Shade Shrub Is So Popular That It Has Its Own Fan Club, The American Rhododendron Society.

The flower heads of all hydrangeas dry to shades of tan on the shrub and provide beauty throughout winter. They bloom in late spring and then offer handsome foliage after that. Acidic soils work best for this plant, but it will grow in other conditions.

They Are Low Maintenance, Deer Resistant Shrubs That Thrive In Both Shade And Sun.

Pachysandra terminalis it’s useful for providing ground cover under trees and shrubs and does well in dry shade. They are shade loving shrubs in southern gardens. Height and spread 60cm (2ft).

Boxwood (Buxus Spp.) The Evergreen Boxwood Is The ‘Little Black Dress’ Of The Plant World—It Goes With Everything, Fits In In Sun Or Part Shade Conditions, Isn’t Fussy About Soil And Isn’t Bothered By Deer.

The hinoki cypress enjoys full sun and partial shade. Lavender shrubs grow to between 1 and 3 ft. They survive under adequate rainfall and moist summer.

Use Azalea Or Camellia Fertilizer During Their Growing Season, Which Is Winter To Early Summer.

Azaleas are members of the rhododendron family and have the same acidic soil and protected growth requirements. Compact ‘hino crimson’ azalea (rhododendron ‘hino crimson’)—a stunning flowering compact shrub that doesn’t grow more than 3 ft. It’s nearly impossible to highlight the more than 900 species, but in general they grow up to eight to 10 feet high and wide.


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