December 9, 2022

Nikko Blue Hydrangea Full Shade. Err on the side of too much shade. After each bloom, prune off old blooms and your hydrangea will bloom again!

Nikko Blue Hydrangea Plant Care & Growing Guide
Nikko Blue Hydrangea Plant Care & Growing Guide from

You get this color blue when your soil is acidic. Blue color is achieved in acidic soil. A garden with light shade (there are several areas that get over 5 hours of full sun) or partial shade (areas that get less than 5 hours of direct sun) work great for several hydrangea types.

After Each Bloom, Prune Off Old Blooms And Your Hydrangea Will Bloom Again!

I just planted it on the west side (lots of sun) and it started to blossom but the blossoms only, wilted. And a friend puts coffee grounds on her's ? Fast growing shrub with rich deep blue rounded flower clusters (when planted in alkaline soil), can take on purple and pink hues in more acidic soil.

Further, They Can Get Lanky.

You get this color blue when your soil is acidic. Hydrangeas are the first plant in the landscape to show signs of wilting when dry. This low maintenance shrub is perfect for that shade garden.

The Perfect Exposure For All Macrophylla Hydrangeas, Not Just Nikko Blue, Is Morning Sun And Afternoon Shade.

It is a fast grower, adding two feet a year under optimum conditions. When planted in alkaline soils, blooms also take on purple and pinkish hues. Be sure to keep your new hydrangea watered after planting.

Hydrangeas Are Among The Showiest Of All The Flowering Shrubs, And The Nikko Blue Hydrangea Is No Exception.this Shade Of Blue Is Rare To Find In Garden Plants, But Nikko Delivers A Deep Indigo That Will Be The Focal Point.

Err on the side of too much shade. Call us 708.942.8372 request a quote. Noteworthy characteristicsperhaps the quintessential bigleaf hydrangea, 'nikko blue' features large, blue flower heads which might turn a bit pinker as the soil ph gets more alkaline.

Hydrangea Macrophylla, Commonly Called Big Leaf Hydrangea, Is A Deciduous Shrub With A Rounded Habit That, In The St.

The more shade the bush receives, the shorter it may remain—in extreme cases, the plant may stay short enough to resemble a large perennial in size. Nikko blue hydrangea will mature to a height and width of 4 to 6 feet in a mounded shape. Hydrangeas grown in full shade do not flower as profusely, if at all.

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