Shade Loving Drought Tolerant Plants. This is an ideal flower for your shaded garden. Here are some best drought tolerant plants!.

Heuchera Rave On Shade, drought resistant, Zone 6, blooms
Heuchera Rave On Shade, drought resistant, Zone 6, blooms from

Mostly used in containers, its spreading habit and soft chartreuse foliage gives it big appeal. When used as a groundcover, lungwort helps discourage weed with its dense growth. Iresine or alternanthera is a tropical perennial with showy green foliage that is irregularly splashed with white and pink.

In The Ornamental Garden, Popular Varieties Are Silver Mound And Wormwood.

Plants have either male or female flowers. This perennial has tough leaves, which can be spotted or solid green. Needs dry conditions to get through the winter:

Blechnum Spicant — Deer Fern:

Helichrysum petiolare ‘limelight’ is an invaluable plant for its drought tolerance. Heucheras are susceptible to several diseases and pests, including mold or leaf spot. This is an ideal flower for your shaded garden.

Drought Tolerant Plants For Shade.

The leaf coloring of iresine can vary immensely depending on light, with brightest color generally in full sun. Cedar sage (salvia romeriana) anacacho orchid tree; This is a challenging environment to grow perennials as plants tend to do better in full sun and in enough moisture.

When Used As A Groundcover, Lungwort Helps Discourage Weed With Its Dense Growth.

Plant spider flowers at a distance of 18 inches from other flowers and then let them grow. Athyrium — lady fern ‘ghost’, ‘japanese painted’ dappled, open, deep: Up to 18 tall and 26 wide.

Some Of These Shrubs Produce Attractive Flowers, And Some Are Vines That Can Grow To Astounding Heights!

Also known as desert spoon. In the spring, lungwort produces bright blue, pink, white, or purple flowers. In general, the intricate leaf structures and silvery gray foliage are aromatic, loving full sun in zones 4 to 8.


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