Shade Loving Indoor Plants Safe For Cats. These indoor climbing plants are safe for cats and dogs and can be trained easily to climb a wall or structure. It has a light mossy green color and twisty leaves.

12 Common Houseplants Safe for Cats That Filter Your Air
12 Common Houseplants Safe for Cats That Filter Your Air from

If the plant starts to wilt at all, change the amount of light it’s receiving, and you should be good to go. It has small and has striped leaves, occasionally flowers but rarely when kept indoors. These playful plants are major air purifiers.

Boston Ferns Prefer Humidity And Lots Of Bright, Indirect Light.

Likes temperatures from 8 to 26 c and enjoys bright indirect sunlight. It is also an indoor house plant which is suitable for cats just in case they decide to have a nibble. It sprouts a green flower in the summer.

A Favorite Among Veterinarians, This Plant Is Easy To Grow Indoors And Incredibly Resilient (Yes, Even To Your Black Thumb!).

Indoor plants safe for cats. The spider plant is an easy to grow, adaptable plant. Containers the lure of droopy branches from a.

Don’t Let It Dry Out As.

While some ivy varieties are toxic to pets, swedish ivy is safe for cats and dogs. A member of the succulent group of plants, this little plant, reminiscent of cacti, originates from south africa and is safe for cats and dogs. Aloe (aloe vera) begonia (begonia spp.) birds of paradise (caesalpinia gilliesii) amaryllis (amaryllis spp.) calla lily (zantedeschia aethiopica)

But This Is About Cats And Who Knows If They Have Such Effects On Cats As Well.

Bulbs including alliums, amaryllis, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips can be dangerous to cats, as can cyclamen, poinsettias and rhododendrons. The curving leaves may be a little too tempting for your kitty to avoid playing with, but your cat will be perfectly safe. It has a light mossy green color and twisty leaves.

Keep The Soil Moist, But Not Soggy.

Boston ferns ( nephrolepis) are an enduring houseplant favorite, but their shaggy fronds might tempt cats and dogs to chew on them. Ponytail palm is not in fact a palm, but is actually a type of succulent. Boston ferns are an iconic houseplant and also cat and dog safe plants.


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