Slug Resistant Hostas. That foliage is pretty much. Ravenous slugs can decimate a lush display of hosta in a matter of days, leaving ragged foliage that is riddled with unsightly holes.

5 Favorite Slugresistant Hostas A Tree Garden Garden
5 Favorite Slugresistant Hostas A Tree Garden Garden from

These hosta selections have thicker leaves and therefore are more difficult for slugs to dine on. Grow our slug resistant hosta collection in shaded borders and containers. Generally, large hostas and those with thick foliage tend to be less susceptible to slug damage.

If You Are Currently Battling A Population Of Slugs Don't Forget About Sluggo, The Safe And Natural Way To Flawless Hosta Leaves.

When purchasing hostas for sunny locations choose varieties with puckered, ribbed and thick leaf textures. Hosta of the year 2014. Sun tolerant and slug resistant hostas entice gardeners with their beautiful sumptuous foliage in wide ranging color patterns, leaf textures, as well as varied shapes and sizes.

Some Hostas Are More Resistant To Slugs Than Others.

Oh, there are so many hostas and too little time to explore them all, but check out these top performers that enjoy the sun and resist the slugs. Hosta 'slug resistant' collection, if you've been thwarted by slugs when growing hostas, you'll want to try this. Hosta abiqua drinking gourd the variety is slug resistant, belongs to large hostas.

The Thick Blue Ones Are Left Alone Till All The Softer Ones Are Eaten, Then They Will Have A Go At Those As Well.

Plant slug resistant hosta varieties such as ‘sum and substance’ that have thicker leaves which slugs and snails have difficulty eating. Hosta abundant love this is a giant hosta that is not afraid of slugs. That foliage is pretty much.

The Resistant Varieties Have Thicker Leaves Which Make Them Harder To Attack.

Slugs can be a hosta's number one enemy. Grow our slug resistant hosta collection in shaded borders and containers. The following hostas feature better than average leaf substance and while no hosta is 100% slug proof, these hostas will make slugs and snails think twice before munching on them!

Our Collection Includes Deep Blue 'Halcyon.

There is, as yet, not a truly slug proof hosta, just some they like less. To keep your hosta clear of slugs, some action may be necessary. Hostas with yellow or gold foliage also bear the sun’s rays more readily than hostas with green, blue, or white foliage.


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