Sorbaria Sem. Leaves are highly textured, narrow and roughly oval in shape, with pointed tips and toothed margins. The false spirea’s botanical name is sorbaria sorbifolia.

Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’ J.C. Bakker & Sons Ltd.
Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’ J.C. Bakker & Sons Ltd. from

Leaves become greener in summer, but redden in autumn; The straight species is too large and unruly to be considered. It flowers best when sited in full sun and spreads by suckers to form colonies.

Textured Leaves Begin As Pink, Red, Yellow And Green Gradually Turning Dark Green By Midsummer.

In augustus geeft 'sem' creme witte pluimen die boven de plant uitsteken. The straight species is too large and unruly to be considered. I have a sorbaria sem that has thrown up 3 root suckers, and has a lot of new spring growth come through already.

De Bladeren Zijn Sierlijk Geveerd.

Sorbaria 'sem' is a compact shrub that looks superb in the middle of borders or in a large pot on the patio. • summer foliage ages to deep green. Colouring is best in good light.

Its Tricolor Foliage Gives A Touch Of The Exotic To Any Location.

The sem ash leaf spirea, sorbaria, is a dwarf plant that only grows to be 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Interestingly, they belong to the rosaceae family of plants, thus, they are related to roses. • spring foliage emerges in shades of pink, red, and green.

The False Spirea’s Botanical Name Is Sorbaria Sorbifolia.

Hi, quick one for you more knowledgable folks. From midsummer plants are topped with narrow panicles of small creamy flowers, and in autumn the leaves turn a vibrant shade of red before falling. A great compact shrub with impressive, white flower plumes in summer and a dense habit.

It Has Many Upright Stems And A Distinctive Leaf Colouring;

Despite its exotic appearance, sorbaria. • showy white panicles of flowers. This is a native shrub to manchuria, china, japan, siberia, and korea, although it can be found everywhere in the world right now.


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