Spirea Perennial. Sometimes known as bluebeard, blue mist spirea has a profusion of tiny blue flowers that are attractive to butterflies. While it has some summer interest in small white flowers, the real highlight is the show this shrub puts on during the fall with purple, orange, and red shades.early spiraea (spiraea thunbergii):

Spirea. Hardy perennials, Spirea, Perennials
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Smaller cultivars can make nice accent plants for a border perennial garden. Spiraea prunifolia 'bridal wreath' bears tiny double white flowers on bare branches early in spring, before the glossy green leaves appear. Spireas are generally deer resistant.

Spiraea Japonica, Or Japanese Spiraea, Is A Flowering Dwarf Deciduous Shrub With Leaves That Change Color Over The Season, Growing 4 To 6 Feet High And As Many Feet Wide.

The abundant blooms of the spirea bush attract butterflies. Plant this deciduous shrub alone or en mass as a. Astilbe spinell from www.gardensplendor.com is generally recognized as the best red flowered astilbe.

Among The Easiest Flowering Shrubs To Grow, Spireas Are Often Used In Foundation Plantings, As Hedges, And In Perennial Gardens.

Flowers are borne in profusion and in heads or clusters made up of many tiny blooms, which are white, pink or purple in colour. It makes a nice edging, accent plant, or perennial garden companion. Spireas are small to medium sized deciduous shrubs that produce cascades of flowers in spring and summer.

Beautiful As Borders, Perfect In Perennial Beds, Amazing As Accents Anywhere, And Magnificent In Mass Plantings, This Plant Is As.

Let us show you how In early autumn, the plants come into bloom, producing many dramatic plumes composed of tiny, white flowers. Spirea are flowering shrubs that are adored for their profuse blooms clusters and easy care.

Most Spireas Are Deciduous Shrubs, And Some Have Colorful Fall Foliage.

Wine purple flowers artfully mingle with the foliage colors. Most spireas bloom in late spring to midsummer. The handsome compound leaves are deep green and have serrated edges.

Bridal Wreath Spirea Is Commonly Used In Perennial Garden Or Foundation Plantings, As Hedges.

Goat's beard, or wild spirea, is an enormous and showy perennial that can grow as high as six feet and look like a bush. It is a shade loving perennial plant that will flower even in full shade. Spirea plants (commonly known as spiraea, steeplebushes or meadowsweets) are deciduous perennials, meaning that they lose their foliage in the winter months, but come back up in the spring once temperatures start to rise again.


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