Twinspur. Grown for their tubular pink flowers, sometimes bicoloured, this genus is established from southern africa and commonly called twinspur after their double, downward pointing spurs on the back of their flowers. To plant twinspur, cultivate the soil and add a shovelful of compost or manure, then plant seeds directly in the garden when the temperature is consistently above 65 degrees f.

Twinspur Plant Info How To Grow Twinspur Diascia
Twinspur Plant Info How To Grow Twinspur Diascia from

Diascia barberae or twinspur (scientific name: Diascia plant is versatile and has. Twin spur farm raises aussalier puppies to become your beloved family members.

The Colors Of Diascia (Twinspur) Are Orange, Pink, White, Etc.

Twin spur boutique offers a variety of western jewelry, purses, bags, and other accessories. Twinspur seeds can be sown directly in the garden in the fall, or in early spring, a few weeks before last frost date in your area. It flowers from summer well into fall, when other plants have gone dormant.

Twinspur Should Ideally Be Grown In A Soil That Is Rich In Humus.

This attractive, dainty south african perennial will do well in temperate gardens around the world. Diascia barberae 'apricot queen' this softly textured tender perennial (or annual) produces delicate, loose spires in summer and fall. The sowing period is in spring.

They Are Tubular And Lipped, Each With Two Spurs On The Rear Of The.

Since the shape of the flower is. Jewelry ranges from western turquoise, concho, and navajo pears. The branches are arched and drooping.

Diascia (Twinspur) Can Be Sown By Seeds Or Branch Cuttings To Propagate.

The blossoms grow in graceful spikes above small, deep green leaves. This twinspur is the toughest of this genus and grows in clumps with many upright wiry stems. Some varieties will spill over pots, and others tend to grow more upright.

Diascia (Twinspur) Especially Like Sufficient Light Conditions And Are Maintained In Full.

Diascia is at home spilling onto a walkway or filling in between more structured plants. Diascia plant is versatile and has. About 70 kinds inhabit in africa.


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