Wife Refuses Marriage Counseling. It will be worse when you try to force or pester her for an answer. My wife says she doesn't love me and won't go to counseling.

Sometimes “Sexual Interventions” are needed in a Christian
Sometimes “Sexual Interventions” are needed in a Christian from biblicalgenderroles.com

I have not been very lonely lately. We went to counseling twice about a year ago. This frustration can be heightened if your spouse refuses to seek marriage counseling with you.

If Your Spouse Still Refuses To Participate In Therapy, Consider Going For Yourself.

Wife refuses to go to marriage counseling. If one person is strongly leaning out, your therapist might recommend a process called discernment counseling, during which the therapist focuses solely on helping you (and your partner) decide what you want to do with your relationship. The truth is that marriage counseling has an extremely low success rate at saving marriages.

Awareness Of Your Role And How You And Your Spouse Interact.

She is most likely to be in a frustration of not knowing what to do and that is why she feels trapped in the marriage. (they may also have already decided what is and is not possible for your relationship in advance of the first meeting, regrettably. She doesn’t want to do couples therapy and divorce is definitely not on the table.

Again, You Cannot Control Your Partner.

Things could get even tougher if your spouse refuses to seek help for their condition. We have had a number of problems in the past, admittedly many of them my fault. Few things are as frustrating and isolating as a spouse who refuses to join us in working on our marriage.

I Have Not Been Very Lonely Lately.

If your spouse is clearly struggling with a mental health disorder, things might be looking tough. It is tempting to feel rejected and ignore the opportunities we have to work on the marriage. As a marriage counselor and partner to his wife for over 40 years, i have helped couples build their relationship to last a lifetime.

Married For 2 Years So Far.

Calmly ask your spouse what he/she is resisting about marriage counseling, and try to work together to address those concerns and choose the best therapist for you both. The therapist might also choose to help you or your partner set stronger individual boundaries for yourselves (with love) while still. We’ve been together 5 years before getting married.


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