Acanthus Mollis Whitewater. Acanthus 'whitewater' variegated bear's breeches. Variegation may not appear until plant matures.

Buy bear's breech 'Whitewater' Acanthus Whitewater £16.99
Buy bear's breech 'Whitewater' Acanthus Whitewater £16.99 from

Variegation may not appear until plant matures. Whitewater is a striking newish variety of that favourite of the romans, acanthus mollis or bear’s breeches. Full sun or partial shade.

This Truly Striking New Introduction Is The Perfect Way To Brighten A Shady Garden.

Too rich a soil will result in masses of foliage and few flower spikes. The flowers can be used in fresh and dried arrangements. The flowers are much loved by bees and can be used in fresh and dried arrangements.

'Summer Beauty' For Vigour, More Hardiness, And Heat And Humidity Tolerance.

The glossy dark green leaves of whitewater are liberally splashed with creamy white, and tall stiff spikes of pink and cream flowers rise up impressively in summer. Large deeply variegated foliage with spike flower for shade to part sun. In this manner, how do you grow acanthus?

Bear's Breeches Available From £13.00.

Whitewater' is a vigorous, variegated acanthus with striking, bold leaves with white margins and splashing. Rhs plants for pollinators plants. This was bred with acanthus 'summer beauty' for vigor, more hardiness, and heat and humidity tolerance.

Perfect As A Feature Plant In A Border Or In A Large Patio Container The Pretty Flowers Can Be Used As Cut Flowers For The Vase Or Dried Flower Arrangements.

Buy acanthus 'whitewater' bear's breech 'whitewater': Bear's breeches, brank ursine available from £13.00. An einem sonnigen bis halbschattigen standort mit durchlässigem boden erreicht sie gewöhnlich eine höhe von ca.

Divide Congested Clumps In Spring Or Autumn.

Acanthus like poor soils that are well drained. Acanthus mollis whitewater is a beautiful perennial that produces tall spikes of white flowers up to 1.5m in height against a backdrop of dark green variegated foliage. Acanthus 'whitewater' add_circle add to wishlist.


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