African Hosta. Resembles hosta, native to s. Drimiopsis plants grow as a small clump, like a miniature hosta, and will spread slightly via offsets.

African Hosta (Drimiopsis maculata)
African Hosta (Drimiopsis maculata) from

It occurs from tanzania to south africa. Likes shade and makes a lovely pot plant. Hosta is a genus of plants commonly known as hostas, plantain lilies and occasionally by the japanese name gibōshi.

African Hosta Plants, Which Are Also Called African False Hosta Or Little White Soldiers, Somewhat Resemble True Hostas.

Grow these warm weather plants for a unique new garden feature. We never had a headache growing this baby. Drimiopsis maculata, spotted thick fleshy leaves,clumping,spreading ground cover for shade to lt shade.

They Have Similar Foliage But With Spotting On The Leaves That Adds A New Element To Beds And Gardens.

This is not a hosta, or even in the hosta family, but it should be considered as a replacement alternative to hostas in texas. Scented white flower stalks late spring to summer. Resembles hosta, native to s.

A Fun Plant, Especially Early In The.

The african hosta is heat and drought resistant but grows best in deep shade. It occurs from tanzania to south africa. The genus is currently placed in the family asparagaceae, subfamily agavoideae, and is native to northeast asia.

Like Many Lilioid Monocots, The Genus Was Once Classified In The Liliaceae.

Unavailable per item 4'' pot ready for planting. Drimiopsis maculata, also known by the common names little white soldiers, african false hosta, leopards ears, african hosta, leopard plant, and injoba is a flowering plant species in the genus drimiopsis. One foot tall spikes off white clusters.

This Wild Bulb From South Africa's Eastern Cape Province Emerges In Spring To Form Clumps Of 8 Long X 2 Wide, Fleshy Green Leaves Covered With Dark Spots (Maculata Means Spotted).

In this video, i will show you how to propagate/grow/separate drimiopsis maculata\ african hosta plant. Part sun to part shade. African hosta, little white soldiers.


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