Afternoon Shade Perennials. The toad lily is a perennial flower that loves a shady garden. Green and gold (chrysogonum virginianum) ∗

What Plants Do Well in Morning Shade and Afternoon Sun
What Plants Do Well in Morning Shade and Afternoon Sun from

Green and gold is a ground cover perennial that thrives in the shade. Acalypha hanging basket 'firetail plant'. They prefer cool, moist soil conditions with lots of added organic materials like compost to help them grow and bloom better.

While This Makes For Easier Gardening, There Are So Many Varieties That It Can Be Hard To Decide Which To Plant.

As mentioned earlier, many plants considered full sun plants in northern climates, actually appreciate some afternoon shade here in the mid south. All are perennials hardy up to usda zone 10. Providing color and texture all season long, don’t forget to add some shade loving foliage plants to your shadowy spots:

Most Are Solid Green, But Japanese Painted Ferns Flaunt Their Fronds In Shades Of Pewter And Deep Purple.

View only plants for full shade. Hellebores commonly known as christmas or lenten roses are easy growing shade flowering perennial plants that grow low to the ground. In blooms from spring to fall, giving you summer long beauty.

The Only Problems Being That Snails And Slugs Will Eat The Leaves.

Garden phlox is another perennial plant that you can depend on for summer long blooms. Azaleas and rhododendrons (rhododendron spp.) are known as queens of the shade garden, but in fact, they prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. It will tolerate some sun, but its best color typically occurs in shade.

Their Large, Frilly Blossoms Can Be Incredibly Beautiful And Fragrant.

You can even include the sites which receive a lot of shade or partial shade. ‘crested surf’ was named for its “crested” or frilly tips at the ends of each frond. Best plants for morning sun afternoon shadeone of the best plants for morning sun, afternoon shade is clematis!

Coreopsis Auriculata (Tickseed) Produces A Profusion Of Golden Yellow Flowers In Late Spring To Early Summer.

Most plants requiring either part sun or part shade do well in filtered light for most of the day, or direct sun during the morning or afternoon. Observe your garden and check the areas where the afternoon sunlight hits the most, and mark it. Our criteria would be low maintenance perennials or shade perennials that have a long blooming period.


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