Begonia Sun. Tuberous begonias prefer more shade and less heat, so we often see them on display in late summer. However, as noted below some begonia varieties might tolerate more sun than others.

How to Grow and Care for Wax Begonias
How to Grow and Care for Wax Begonias from

How many hours of sun do begonias need? Hardy in usda zones 10 to 12, the tender perennials do well with 4 to 6 hours of shade or more. However, most thrive best in an area that gets partial shade or filtered sunlight.

Richmondensis Will Take Just About Anything You Throw At It.

These are the work horses of the begonia family. They grow 12 to 18 inches tall and wide and thrive in part shade to full shade. Begonias do best in partial shade or a spot that receives morning sun and afternoon shade, but there are also varieties that can tolerate full sun.

One Of Their Main Advantages Is Giving.

You can start the tubers during the springtime, then transplant them once the weather and soil are warm. A leaf begonia can also be used outside but does not tolerate frost. Morning sun (and a little afternoon shade) is perfect.

Also Known As Bedding Or Wax Begonias, These Are The Hardiest Of The Bunch, Thriving In Full Sun In Cooler Regions Or In Shade Where It’s Warmer.

Morning sun and afternoon shade are ideal, especially in locations that get particularly hot. However, as noted below some begonia varieties might tolerate more sun than others. Their upper surface is uneven, covered with tiny hair and raised lumps as if the plant had goose bumps.

Displays Sporadic, Upright Clusters Of Small White Flowers.

For best production of flowers, plants need appropriate environments with optimal sun or shaded conditions. Let’s take a look at great choices for the sun and shade. April 5, 2020one of my favorite groups of flowering annuals for the summer season are begonias.

Always Be Careful With Too Much Direct Sun, Especially The Red Varieties Will Fade In Color And Can Show Burned Leaves In Extreme Sun.

The location for planting begonias will also vary slightly based on the variation. Leaves have a pebbly surface texture and red reverse side. The 12 best leaf begonia's thrive indoor and remain beautiful for years if the plant has enough space to grow and is properly taken care of.


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