Best Mostly Shade Plants. Zones 5 to 8) inkberry holly ( ilex glabra; There are so many different types to choose from:

My Top 5 Perennials For Partial Shade Gardening Keeping
My Top 5 Perennials For Partial Shade Gardening Keeping from

Hosta is an obvious choice as one of the best perennials for shade, if you can appreciate the beauty that foliage plants bring to your landscape. Zones 5 to 9) hemlock ( tsuga canadensis, including cultivars in shrub form that make excellent hedges; Brunnera macrophylla is the perfect plant for shady gardens.

White Flowering Snowball Viburnum Flowering Shrub ($34, Lowe's)

The blooms open with morning light and close in the evening. The list of hosta cultivars that can serve both as specimen plants and groundcovers for shady areas is practically endless. Hostas are available in many varieties and are attractive perennials with big, showy leaves that vary widely in color and texture.

This Plant Thrives In Partial Shade Or Sun And Is Great As A Ground Cover.

As one of the best flowers for shade, this plant thrives in woodland settings under the dappled light of trees. Brunnera macrophylla is the perfect plant for shady gardens. This type of plant needs partial shade, from spring to autumn, the direct sun being very harmful, with the risk of serious burns.

One Type Of Hosta Recommended To Dress Up A Shady Spot Is Hosta 'Halcyon'.

The following shrubs are evergreens grown for their foliage and they can add great value to a shade garden. Different varieties produce different flowers from the more common orange to red, to the fewer yellow, and even the expensive varieties that produce cream or pink. It needs protection from harsh sunlight and heat.

With Shades Of Pink, Red, And White, The Exotic Looking Blooms Are Worth Having In Your Garden On Their Own!

Emerald and gold euonymus (wintercreeper) is an evergreen shrub that belongs to china and korea. Use this shade plant in a woodland area, along a stream or pond, in a rain garden, or on the border of a native garden. The leaf coloring of iresine can vary immensely depending on light, with brightest color generally in full sun.

Ligularia, Sometimes Called The Leopard Plant, Boasts A Large Leaf Structure And Makes For A Great Option In Shade Gardens.

Good luck palm, neanthebella palm, table palm (chamaedorea elegans). Copper plant is an annual plant but it is a beauty. One is quite notorious as an invasive plant, the winged spindle tree.


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