Big Hostas. And some can grow to more than 6 feet in width. Thick corrugated chartreuse leaves (10”x9”), turning golden yellow.

Liberty Hosta PP12531 Shade Perennial Giant Sun Tolerant
Liberty Hosta PP12531 Shade Perennial Giant Sun Tolerant from

How to grow bigger hostas? Hostas come in all different shapes and sizes, which means that if you really want to, you can grow hostas until they’re bigger than you! You just need only a secret ingredient, epsom salts to grow bigger hostas.

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Hostas offer excellent benefits when used as home garden plants. Large, 4’wide x 2.5’ high, possibly larger. Thick corrugated chartreuse leaves (10”x9”), turning golden yellow.

The Giant Hostas Make Tremendous Focal Points Whether Planted Alone As A Specimen Or Planted In A Mass For Large Area Coverage.

Mounds may grow to 24 inches tall and 54 inches wide. You can plant hostas all year round, but spring and autumn are preferable. A minimum of 40” to 60” (100 to 150 centimeters).

Giant Big Leaf Hosta Cultivars Exceed 30 Inches In Mature Height.

Hosta ‘key west’ or hosta ‘sum and substance’ can make a great focal point in a sunnier location. Buy hostas and large hostas online.large hostas are ideal for borders. These versatile shade plants form a mound of leaves but vary greatly by variety, offering differences in plant size, leaf shape, and leaf color.

Cover The Roots With Earth And Place The Root Ball In The Hole.

I think the hostas played a big part in that. Accordingly, the variegate hostas are slower and take a long time to reach a large size. Ours were unobtrusive, all of the same variety with leaves large enough for dolls or squirrels to use as shelters from the rain, and pale lavender flowers on tall stalks. Selection Of Large And Giant Hostas For Sale.

Location has a great deal to do with its ultimate size. Leaves have a marked fold down the centre, hence the. Allow ample space between the hostas you plant.


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