Centaurea Macrocephala. Easy to cut and dry for arrangements. This noble plant has been cultivated in western gardens for at least 200 years and was a feature of thomas jefferson’s monticello garden.

Centaurea macrocephala National Botanic Garden of Wales
Centaurea macrocephala National Botanic Garden of Wales from botanicgarden.wales

Members of the genus are found only north of the equator, mostly in the eastern hemisphere; 9 bare root peonies would cost £11.90 being 2 x £5.95, 11 peonies would be £17.85 being 3 x £5.95) potted perennials and potted peonies. The only work required is to cut back the spent flower stems to the ground after blooming.

The Variety Means That The Genus.

Sometimes commonly called globe centaurea or yellow hardhat. Genus name comes from the greek word kentauros meaning centaur. Leaves color green in elliptic shape.

The Plant Grows On Sturdy Root Stock And Can Reach Five Feet Tall.

Romania and armenia is this weed toxic?: Easy to cut and dry for arrangements. [family asteraceae ] (stored under name);

Good Cut And Dried Flower.

+31 252 410744 mail us: Globe centaurea, flora of north america vol. Centaurea macrocephala is a prolific invader that spreads by seed.

It Grows Up To 1.5 Metres Tall.

This tough plant is rarely if ever troubled by pests or diseases. Centaurea macrocephala makes a low maintenance, evergreen perennial mound. Verified by not on sheet, common name.

How To Grow Centaurea Plants In Your Garden Gardener's Hq Guide To Growing Cornflower, Knapweed, And Basket Flower.

Garden escape in meadows, grassy clearings. It is prohibited to transport, buy, sell, offer for sale, or distribute. The striking flowers make it easy to spot and identify when blooming.


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