Coleus Black Star. There are a number of very dark coleuses that look black from 20 feet away, even from 5 feet away. Coleus produce long bloom spikes on top, but the flowers are not a selling point for this plant.

Dark Star Coleus Plant
Dark Star Coleus Plant from

Coleus sultana 4 inch pot room 9 $ 3.00 add to cart; Plant database entry for coleus (coleus scutellarioides 'black star') with 2 images and 12 data details. Well you're in luck, because here they come.

Black Star Comes To Mind, But There Are A Number Of Others.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about black star coleus? Coleus produce long bloom spikes on top, but the flowers are not a selling point for this plant. Sansevieria hahnii black star is a species of genus sansevieria categorized under plants family asparagaceae, native to southern asia.

The Coleus Dark Star, 'Coleus Hybrid', Has Dark Purple Foliage That Glows With A Subtle Sheen, And Features A Nicely Shaped Scalloped Edge.

Coleus inky fingers 4 inch pot room 9 quantity. Reminiscent of calla lily flowers, the blossoms consist of a. In addition, some are blacker depending on the amount of light they get, i.e., the pink in the center will show a bit with a lot of light.

‘Dark Star’ Contrasts Well With White Flowers Or Silver Foliage, Or It Can Be Used To Emphasize The Blueness Of Certain Flowers.

Coleus black red dragon var. Unlike the leaves of alocasia which point skyward, the leaves of colocasia droop and point toward the ground. Coleus are grown for their striking foliage, so pinching back the bloom spikes can maintain a more desirable appearance.

Coleus Produce Long Bloom Spikes On Top, But The Flowers Are Not A Selling Point For This Plant.

These new, bigger, sun loving varieties have revolutionized contanier gardening. Raven’s wing plant, mystic dreamer dahlia, purple basil, black dragon coleus, dark star coleus, black coral elephant ear, black mondo grass, cimicifuga brunette. Coleus black red dragon var;

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They have been growing indoors under lights, so be sure to introduce them to outside conditions gradually. Coleus beauty of lyon purple. Actual colors are subject to change according to light conditions.


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