Desert Landscape Design. The practice uses natural materials to decorate your landscape. Give your yard a green makeover by growing groundcovers between the rocks.

10 Stunning Desert Landscape Ideas
10 Stunning Desert Landscape Ideas from

Smart landscape design provides stylish places to relax in your yard, adds beautiful colors, fragrances, cool shady areas, and can enhance overall curb appeal and invite nature to your home. I specialize in sustainable landscape designs: Mix rocks with stones, natural elements, and plants.

Desert Areas Are Known For Their Usually Hot Climate.

We are also licensed, established and insured contractors who understand every detail of installation, as well as the climatic challenges of this valley, and the need to conserve. In fact, desert landscaping has an undeniable beauty and character. Use found objects like rocks and desert driftwood for edging or sculptural accents.

Here In Arizona, Our Outdoor Living Spaces Keep Us Connected To Nature And Offer A Relaxing Atmosphere To Spend Time With.

Established in 1988, desert landscape is pioneer & leading specialist in all aspects of landscape design, landscape construction and garden maintenance services for domestic, commercial, residential requirements. Palm springs, ca 92262, united states Wildflower blooms and plants such as the hairy desert sunflower.

I Specialize In Sustainable Landscape Designs:

Desert landscape design with a minimalist twist. Color is vital to any desert landscaping plan, because the earth in dry climates is often rocky or sandy and brown or gray. Our designs are backed by extensive study through the ucla landscape architect program, along with 40 years of drought tolerant and desert landscape experience.

Smart Landscape Design Provides Stylish Places To Relax In Your Yard, Adds Beautiful Colors, Fragrances, Cool Shady Areas, And Can Enhance Overall Curb Appeal And Invite Nature To Your Home.

The fact that it looks amazing despite the tough surroundings adds to the charm. Mix rocks with stones, natural elements, and plants. These types of gardens are ideal for this dry and arid climate, and they can add points of interest around your yard.

Warm Red And Yellow Lowering Succulents Such As Aloe Or Ice Plants Make Great Focal Points And Can Be Potted Or Sown Into The Ground.

Desert plants, stone pavers, and custom hardscape installations can all be incorporated to culminate in an attractive and functional landscape design, perfectly suited to the las vegas climate. A southwest style courtyard was designed for family and critters to enjoy an enclosed outdoor space. Any color must be introduced into the landscape design strategically.


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