Empress Wu Giant Hosta. Some leaves can measure 1 1/2' wide. I have several large hostas in a good spot and they are growing really well.

Empress wu Hosta Henry Field's Seed & Nursery Co.
Empress wu Hosta Henry Field's Seed & Nursery Co. from www.henryfields.com

One of our most popular hostas. One big hosta has upright leaves are dark green with a cream center in the spring; Hosta ‘empress wu’ (skaggs) pp20,774.

I Have Several Large Hostas In A Good Spot And They Are Growing Really Well.

Hosta 'empress wu' is a seedling of 'big john' that is colossal in size. The wavy green leaves of 'empress wu' are said to be the biggest hosta leaves ever! Clean away the dead foliage after frost to prevent insect problems.

Hosta ‘Empress Wu’ (Skaggs) Pp20,774.

Established plants growing in excellent conditions have been known to reach up to 8′ wide! In early summer, pale lavender flowers on short scapes bloom just above foliage, each lovely flower subtended by a large pale lavender bract. Generally , giant hostas are great for sprawling gardens or corners where you need to fill in space.

Shadowland® 'Empress Wu' Hosta Hybrid Uspp 20,774, Can 4,240.

A giant hosta that will make an impressive statement in any landscape. In northern regions, some gardeners grow their ‘empress wu’ hosta where it receives a few hours of morning sunlight, but in most situations, this plant giant performs best when it’s protected from direct sun. 7 feet apart for mass plantings;

Center Of The Leaf Is Smooth, While The Dark Green Edge Is Nicely Puckered, Giving It The Appearance Of An ' Emerald Necklace' With Pale Lavender Flowers.

Seagonus active member 10 years. Huge deep veined dark green leaves can measure up to 1.5 feet wide and long forming a giant upright mound. Empress wu pp#20774, cpbr4240 courtesy of walters gardens.

Usually Takes About 5 Years To Reach Its Maximum.

Like many hosta plant varieties, ‘empress wu’ hosta craves light to full shade. The flowers are pale reddish violet. Hosta empress wu is an unique plant and the largest hosta, ever developed.


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