Gaura Lindheimeri. In fact, they don’t like to be overwatered. A north american wildflower, now widely grown across the continent.

Gaura lindheimeri (Oenothera lindheimeri)
Gaura lindheimeri (Oenothera lindheimeri) from

Recent genetic research has shown that the genus is paraphyletic unless the monotypic genus stenosiphon is included within gaura, increasing the number of species in the genus to 22. It has a long flowering season. In the breeze these move constantly, looking like a cloud of small butterflies.

Gaura Is A Genus Of Flowering Plants In The Family Onagraceae, Native To North America.the Genus Includes Many Species Known Commonly As Beeblossoms.

It gets about 3 feet wide and 2 to 3 feet tall, with the. Plants bloom for many weeks, with loose sprays of white flowers tinged with pale pink. Its growth habit makes it particularly useful for filling in gaps in the border and linking other planting groups together.

It’s A Prized Addition For A Native Plant Garden.

They are annual, biennial or perennial. Foliage is green with reddish hues. Produces long dainty flower spikes covered in small pink flowers during the warmer months.

Gaura Lindheimeri ‘The Bride’ Is Perfect For Growing In A Cottage Garden Or Informal Herbaceous Border.

A north american wildflower, now widely grown across the continent. It has a delicate but wild, slightly unkempt look that suits natural style plantings. A great plant choice for cottage gardens or just adding pops of colour.

Gaura Was A Genus Of About 20 Species In The Evening Primrose Family (Onagraceae), But As A Common Name Generally Refers To Gaura Lindheimeri.

Gaura lindheimeri 'sparkle white' is a stunning hardy perennial that produces a flurry of dazzling white, starry blooms on graceful slender stems, from early summer right through to autumn. Gauras require very little water; Often called the ‘whirling white butterfly bush’, gaura lindheimeri has white flowers with a pink tinge in spring to summer, and the flowers of this clump forming perennial do indeed resemble butterflies in the breeze.

The Plant Has Won The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award Of Garden Merit For Several Varieties.

Flowers from midsummer through autumn when there is nothing else like it. Gaura lindheimeri is an airy addition to the garden. Wonderful choice for bringing in the bees and butterflies.


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