Growing Spirea In Containers. However, like all plants, they do have needs! Consider a container that will provide 6 to 8 inches more width than the root.

Spirea 'Snowmound' Countryside Garden Centre
Spirea 'Snowmound' Countryside Garden Centre from

Choose a quality potting mix and add 10% to 20% perlite or pumice to ensure proper drainage. This is an easy plant to grow. This shrub has a dense, low growth habit, and its bright green leaves turn bronze in the fall.;

Choose A Quality Potting Mix And Add 10% To 20% Perlite Or Pumice To Ensure Proper Drainage.

However, like all plants, they do have needs! You can easily grow them in containers to add a touch of color to a shady patio or deck. This is an easy plant to grow.

Mature Overgrown Spiraeas Can Be Rejuvenated By Selective Renovation Pruning.

Pinch out the tiny leaves on the growing tip and remove all but 2 to 3 leaves on the stem. In order to increase your probability of successfully propagating a healthy and mature spirea bush, the first year of the plants life should be spent in a container. Gently loosen any twisted roots and place the root ball in the hole then backfill with the removed soil and firm in place.

Once They Are Rooted The Cuttings Will Grow Into Shrubs Identical To The Parent.

Look to your plant’s tag for specific recommendations. Mulch and feed annually and prune, if necessary, after flowering. Read more about propagating spirea here.

This Shrub Has A Dense, Low Growth Habit, And Its Bright Green Leaves Turn Bronze In The Fall.;

Spirea requires little care and is perfect for balconies, decks and porches. No matter how small your garden is, you can have it too. In spring, the new leaves are vibrant red, gradually maturing to gold while retaining red tips at the ends of the branches.

Sprinkle The Planting Hole With Bone Meal.

If you are container gardening, choose a pot with a diameter at least twice as wide as twice as deep as the root ball, and be prepared to go up in size as the plant reaches its mature stature. Flowers are white and start appearing in late spring. Plant it in a hole prepared just like for container transplanting.


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