Hardy Salvias. Our nursery is situated within the beautiful garden of great comp which is open to the public daily between 10.00am and 5.00pm daily from march 1 st until october 31 st. Plant them once and they will return every year.

Hardy Salvia for long lasting colour Henry Street Garden
Hardy Salvia for long lasting colour Henry Street Garden from www.henrystreet.co.uk

Most of these type of salvias are either rosette types, being herbaceous or are deciduous. Paired with chinese coral cannas or ornamental grasses for a flare in the fall. Hardy salvias are versatile group of long flowering herbaceous perennials and shrubby plants, ideal for use in mixed borders and patio containers.

In Very Hot Climates, This Plant Will Appreciate A Bit Of Afternoon Shade.

Salvia leucantha does well in full sun and heat and tolerates some drought. For tender salvias see annual salvias. Spectacular purple and white or solid purple, velvety flower spikes cover the plant from late summer until frost.

All Salvia Are In The Mint Family Lamiacea And Are Cousins To Landscape Favorites Such As Nepeta (Catmint) And Monarda (Beebalm).

There are more than one thousand species in the genus; Plant them once and they will return every year. Some are best treated as annuals, but perennial varieties are also available.

Trim Off The Bottom Set Of Leaves, Dip The Stem In Rooting.

Hardy herbaceous salvias these are generally regarded to be hardy throughout much of the uk. People typically plant them in spring, compost them in late fall, and replant the following spring. Salvia leucantha, or mexican bush sage, is a late summer bloomer with velvety gray foliage and soft lavender blooms.

Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia Leucantha):

Flowers profusely from may to november and is hardy in most areas if provided with full sun and good drainage. Salvia amethyst lips ('dyspurp') (pbr) £5.99. Like other salvias, autumn sage will attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

Many Are From South Africa, Mediterranean And The Middle Eastern.

Adding fabulous color and form to the early summer border, hardy perennial salvias are mostly represented by the hybrids of salvia x sylvestris (woodland sage) and salvia nemorosa. The shrubby salvias consist of two species, salvia microphylla, generally from high mountainous areas and hardy, and salvia greggii, from lower elevations and less hardy. Indeed, many salvia species reveal their history through their minty fragrance contained in their leaves.


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