Heuchera Shanghai. They thrive in shade and make great groundcover plants. Try it in combination with some bright coloured varieties for maximum contrasting effect.

Heuchera 'Shanghai', Alumroot 'Shanghai' in GardenTags
Heuchera 'Shanghai', Alumroot 'Shanghai' in GardenTags from www.gardentags.com

White flowers on dark stems repeat through the season. A lovely presentation for the border. Odgovara joj dobro drenirano zemljište.

They Tend To Grow In Dense Clumps And Have Brightly Coloured Foliage.

Heuchera is commonly known as alumroot or coral bells and is a frost hardy perennial grown primarily for its attractive, evergreen foliage. While plants are mainly grown for their foliage, inconspicuous flowers in summer add to their charm. ‘shanghai’ heuchera develops bright purple foliage with shimmering silver overtones.

Heuchera Hybrida Shanghai Denumire Populară:

Heuchera 'shanghai' talk about bold color! Remove tired old leaves in spring to encourage fresh foliage growth. Heuchera 'shanghai' (p) consumer information.

We Are Pleased To Be Offering These Wonderful Perennial Plant Selections From Dan Heims At Terra Nova.

Ice, snow and rain didn't faze it! Heucheras are native to the woodlands of north america. Heuchera 'amber waves' coral bells.

White Flowers On Dark Stems In Summer.

Odgovara joj dobro drenirano zemljište. They thrive in shade and make great groundcover plants. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects.

As Shanghai Is A Beacon To China, So Heuchera 'Shanghai' Can Be An Inviting Beacon Of Metallic Silver To Your Garden.

Nodding wands of white bells on tall, dark stems provide additional decoration. As a group, the hybrid coral bells offer the gardener a tremendous new range of foliage colours, especially for shady areas. 'shanghai' had the best foliage through the worst winter in the last 40 years at the terra nova® test gardens.


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