Hosta First Love. The most exciting thing about ‘first blush’ is that in spring the leaf between the veins will start to “blush” red. Modern hostas are the most popular perennial for the shade garden as well as for some sunnier locatio

Zielono Zakręceni Funkia (Hosta) First Love (2/2)
Zielono Zakręceni Funkia (Hosta) First Love (2/2) from

Matures 22 inches tall and 45 inches wide. The leaves are dark green centered with margins of creamy yellow to white, a dense mound. Quick view out of stock.

Bears Lovely Purple Blooms In Summer.

On jul 22, 2004, paulwhwest from irving (dallas area), tx (zone 8a) wrote: Light lavender flowers appear on 28 scapes in midsummer. Normally, hostas grown in a minimally heated polyhouse develop faster than in their natural.

The Leaves Are Dark Green Centered With Margins Of Creamy Yellow To White, A Dense Mound.

Find help & information on hosta &s;first love&s; 40x cm (16x in.) leaf length x width : 12 inches tall by 24 inches wide.

Available Inventory For July/Aug 2021;

(28 x 66) this hosta makes an upright stately clump of large pointed blue leaves with bright yellow, not cream, margins. Stunning hosta starts out a rich green, then develops a blush of red from tip to base that returns to green as season wanes. Lefever 2008) (seedling of 'galaxy') very large.

A Reverse Sport Of Montana Aureomarginata.

A third light green color that streaks between where the margins meet. A variety found here at our nursery. Hosta 'first love' hosta 'flemish angel' hosta 'flemish gold' hosta 'fog light' hosta 'foggy day' hosta 'fool's gold' hosta 'forbidden fruit' hosta 'fourth of july' hosta 'fragrant bouquet' hosta 'fragrant queen' hosta 'francee' hosta 'francess williams' hosta 'freising' hosta 'fried bananas'

A 70% Shade Cloth Is Recommended For Blue Hostas As It Will Help Hold Their Blue Color Longer In The Season.

The light lavender flowers appear in midsummer on 24″ stalks. Named hosta of the year for 2010 by the american hosta growers association, 'first frost' comes highly recommended. Quick view out of stock.


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