Hosta Night Before Christmas. 30×18 cm (12×7 in.) vein pairs: 105 cm (41 in.) flower:

hosta night before christmas Jardin Dion
hosta night before christmas Jardin Dion from

Machen jr 1994) large hosta cultivar. Comes out more suffused green sets to it's true richness. A mutation of 'white christmas' with thicker leaves and wider leaf margins;

Flowers Are Pale Lavender, Funnel Shaped And Large At 2.5,” On 36″ Scapes In Mid Summer.

Ovate, wavy, slightly shiny, green margin with creamy white center changing to white. 30 cm x 17.5 cm. A mutation of 'white christmas' with thicker leaves and wider leaf margins.

It Is A Vigorous Grower With Thick Substance To The Leaves.

The perfect plant for brightening full or dappled shade areas of the garden. Leaves have creamy white centers that change to pure white by midsummer and wide, dark olive green edges. The stems are also white.

Attracts Both Hummingbirds And Songbirds.

This selection features large dark green leaves with creamy white margins turning pure white by summer that are cupped with the ability to hold water. Attracts both hummingbirds and songbirds 105 cm (41 in.) flower:

Its Huge 12 By 7 Inch Dark Green Leaves Have Braod Strips Of Bright White Down Their Centers That Doesn't Melt Out.

Gallon containers with multiple divisions. Pale lavender, tubular flowers are produced on 34 scapes in mid to late summer; A festive large hosta with vivid green edges and white centers.this vigorous grower will surely catch attention with its vibrant color and lavender flowers in early summer.

A Mutation Of 'White Christmas' With Thicker Leaves And Wider Leaf Margins;

It has green margins with a thin white centre. In late summer, the old foliage turns solid green, allowing more food to be produced for the upcoming season. Night before christmas hosta $ 9.00 ( machen ) these variegated hosta plants are 20″ high and 30″ wide.


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