Hostas And Lavender. Pick your favorite hosta's and grow with pride While the top side of the leaf is green, the bottom side is white.

Hosta Purple Sensation De Vroomen Garden Products
Hosta Purple Sensation De Vroomen Garden Products from

It produces blooms on long stalks that extend well above the clumping foliage in late spring or summer, but the foliage is the main attraction. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, and can be used in a variety of ways. From dwarf to tall hosta's.

Hostas Grow In Many Different Heights And Sizes.

Because hosta foliage dies to the ground at 28°f or below, the plant does not provide winter display, but it can be combined with other plants that do offer seasonal interest. The spikes are in pink, lavender, or white flowers that appear over the summer months. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, and can be used in a variety of ways.

The Hosta Comparison Chart Is A List Of Common Perennial Hostas Found At Johnson's Nursery.

Flower colors vary from white and pale pink to lavender, blue, magenta and maroon. Grow hosta plants in a variety of soils however, they prefer rich, organic soil. I’ve even used it to garnish a birthday cake;

It Produces Blooms On Long Stalks That Extend Well Above The Clumping Foliage In Late Spring Or Summer, But The Foliage Is The Main Attraction.

Dark olive green in color, the praying hands hostas has curled in narrow leaves that resemble a pair of praying hands. Loosening the soil in the planting area will benefit the hosta’s roots as they expand outward. Use a small garden spade to dig a hole the size of the root ball.

Remove The Plant From Its Pot And Put The Plant Into The Hole.

From dwarf to tall hosta's. The texture of their foliage has a lacy effect and the growth habit is loose and mounding. Hosta 'patriot' 'sum and substance' — use this giant hosta, which averages 30 inches tall and 60 inches across, in beds and borders or as a specimen plant.

Aside From The Mainstream Uses Of Lavender:

Another reason to consider hostas for your garden is that they are incredibly easy to grow. Dig a hole that’s about twice the width and depth of the root ball of the plant. The color festival hosta is festive and very showy, with creamy white centers, bright green edges, and splashes of golden yellow.


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