Installing Plastic Lawn Edging. Plastic edging along your borders and garden beds makes your yard look tidy and manicured. Leave it in the sun for an hour or two, though, and it will be more malleable, more readily adopting the.

Installing Plastic Lawn Edging In The Garden Stock Photo
Installing Plastic Lawn Edging In The Garden Stock Photo from

Determine how much of the garden edging will be visible out of the ground. Plastic lawn edging can provide an underground barrier against grass and weeds for many years when installed correctly. Plastic lawn edging instructions the label attached to your vigoro edging does not need to be removed for installation.

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Do not leave them because they may cause the edging to come loose. Unroll your plastic lawn edging and cut to the desired length. Gm1248730171 $ 12.00 istock in stock

The Trench Should Be About 4 Inches Deep And As Wide As Your Edging Will Be, Usually 4 Or 5 Inches.

There are necessary steps to consider when installing plastic strips. Unroll the circle so that the outside of the curl faces your flower bed. Only lay uncoiled edging on pavement and not on grass.

Mark The Boundary Line Where You Wish To Install The Edging With Spray Paint.

Place edging into trench with the edging’s top bead a half of an inch above the finished grade. How to install plastic landscape edging around a planting bed. Dig a 6″ to 8″ inch trench along your grass edge.

The Edging Will Have A Natural Curl From Being Wound Into A Circle For Packaging.

If installed correctly, the label should not be visible. Installing decorative stone, cement, or paver edging around your planting beds will not only keep your grass and mulch in place, but it’ll give your beds a standout, tidy look. You must first consider the area which you want to edge the total length and obtain the necessary edging material.

Plastic Lawn Edging Instructions The Label Attached To Your Vigoro Edging Does Not Need To Be Removed For Installation.

Grass barrier is made of very beefy hdpe recycled plastic that will last and last and last. Installing the average plastic edging requires digging a trench for it first. Pack mulch into the gap between the plastic and stone.


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