Installing Wooden Garden Edging. Dig a trench along your garden bed. Following the string line, slot the edging stones into the concrete bedding.

Learn How to Install Landscape Timber Edging Landscape
Learn How to Install Landscape Timber Edging Landscape from

The trench should be deep enough so that the plastic edging goes down about half way. Create a concrete mixture and lay this in the bottom of the trench, around 50mm. You can also use gravel or sand.

It Helps Contain Mulch And Keeps Everything Looking Neat And Tidy.

Installing timber edging ( wood edging ) requires a bit more time and patience, but it is still a relatively simple job. The first step you need to outline the edges where you’ll lay the sleepers. How to install garden edging stones.

Tap Down Each Edging Stone Gently With A Rubber Mallet.

These are great for draining. How to keep wood edging in the ground. Measure the perimeter of the area in your garden that you wish to enclose with the timbers.

The Trench Should Be Deep Enough So That The Plastic Edging Goes Down About Half Way.

Place the edging in the trench with the stakes facing the lawn or landscaping bed. How to install a garden raised bed border. Since a tape measure cannot follow a curved garden edging, measure the rope you marked instead and cut it to find the true length of your garden bed.

Then Mix Up Some Lean Mortar To Be Used As A Concrete Base And Haunching.

The kerf depth should be about half the thickness of the stock. If the final straight piece will be shorter than about 2 feet, shift the entire row of timbers so that the two ends will have cut pieces of roughly equal length. Create a border with balance beam logs that can provide your garden with charm and warmth while functioning as a natural obstacle course for kids.

Level, With The Existing Ground.

Pull the rope with your hands then measure it. Oak railway sleepers installation tidy gardens wooden garden sleepers yes or no to railway in the lay timber edging australian handyman magazine questions about landscaping projects railwaysleepers com sleepers in the garden september 2017 you how to lay sleepers for garden edging a step by guide Each piece of edging should easily clip onto each other so assemble as you move along your trench.


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