Lavender Perennial. The spike flowers are either lavender or white depending on the variety. It is also an attractive garden plant with.

Lovely Lavender How to Grow this Sunloving Perennial
Lovely Lavender How to Grow this Sunloving Perennial from

Although there are many lavender cultivars, they all have one thing in common. Lavender is a perennial that will last for several years under the right conditions. It is well loved but at times difficult to grow in north carolina.

Because Of Its Mediterranean Origin, Lavender Loves Blazing Hot Sun And Dry Soil.

Lavender is the quintessential perennial plant used as low hedging and used to great effect in cottage garden schemes. English lavender (lavandula angustifolia), with its aromatic leaves and sweetly fragrant flower spikes, is often considered an herb. This mediterranean native is now cultiavated, grown, and loved around the world.

Lavender Is Perfect As A Low Hedge And In Clumps Next To Rocks.

Even deer leave them alone! However, if the potting mix is extremely fertile, the plant may grow leaves and stems rather than flowering. Although there are many lavender cultivars, they all have one thing in common.

The Lavender Hidcote, Available As 9Cm Garden Ready Pots Are An Outstanding Favourite Of Ours Because They Flower The First Year You Plant Them.

Aromatic, long flowering and a great hedging plant. Mona lavender is aplectranthus is a genus of about 350 species of varied plants from africa, madagascar, and the pacific regions. ‘provence’ is a hybrid of portuguese lavender ( lavandula latifolia ) and english lavender ( lavandula angustifolia ) that combines the hardiness and longevity of the english lavenders and the longer flowering season of the portuguese lavenders.

It Is Also Suitable In Front Of Stone Walls That Face Away From The Wind.

This drought tolerant plant has purple flowers with fragrant aromas that are a delight in any garden. Lavender ‘provence’ (lavandula x intermedia) is an perennial plant that can live up to 15 years with the right care and regular pruning. Lavender is a bushy perennial growing from one to three feet tall.

However, It Can Be Confusing.

The plants also resist root and foliar diseases. Lavender is an herbaceous perennial plant native to the dry sandy soils and blazing sun of the mediterranean region. Although lavender (lavandula spp.) is often listed as a perennial, that is only partially correct.


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