Low Growing Hostas. Remove the plant from its pot and put the plant into the hole. It is a good hosta for edging a path as it grows quickly into a dense mound that can be divided and spaced.

*PAID*(SavageExotics 5) 3 clumps of variegated low
*PAID*(SavageExotics 5) 3 clumps of variegated low from www.terraforums.com

Hosta flowers grow on scapes (long, leafless stems) protruding from the center of the plant. Make them a focal point. Back fill with soil and firm in place.

Keep In Mind That Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Hostas.

See the size of the hostas that we sell! If the soil tends to dry out quickly, consider placing mulch around the plants to help retain moisture, but be aware that mulch can be a hiding place for slugs. Hostas are the earliest plant that grows in the spring season.

Slugs Have Been Known To Snack On.

Small hostas are perfect as border perennial plants or when you need to fill that small space in your rock garden. Many hosta plants can be planted outside in a garden as well as indoors in your kitchen or anywhere else you would like to see a pop of color. Light lavender flowers appear in early to mid summer.

Keep The Soil Moist But Not Soaked.

The bulbs will flower early, and the hostas will be happy to hide their fading foliage. These plants love the shade. ‘lakeside down sized’ hosta (hosta ‘lakeside down sized’).

Make Them A Focal Point.

These small hosta cultivars are 9 to 14 inches tall at maturity. Athyrium ‘godzilla’ (japanese painted fern) has exotic looking foliage that pairs very well with the strapping look of hosta plants. Komodo dragon hosta has large, dark green rippled foliage.

4 Inches Tall And 10 Inches Wide.

Allium plants are great companion plants for hostas, it looks like both are the same plant. Remove the plant from its pot and put the plant into the hole. For the plant to thrive, hardiness zones three through nine are the best options.


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