Red Leaf Evergreen Shrub. This plant can be grown as a large. Nandina domestica takes on fiery reds and oranges in late autumn while leucothoe axillaris red lips has rich dark red new growth.

Red Leaved Evergreen Shrubs Garden Inspiration
Red Leaved Evergreen Shrubs Garden Inspiration from

There are no beautiful flowers to cover this plant, only leaves. Pyracantha red column is a superb evergreen shrub/climber which has superb glossy dark green leaves, this type of pyracantha has bright white flowers in summer followed by glossy deep red berries in autumn and winter. This compact low growing shrub is easy to care for and is low maintenance.

Evergreen Shrubs Don’t Have To Be Green.

We’ll learn a ton about these shrubs here. While they do produce a large number of plants, it is not always easy to find the quality variety. The spirally arranged leaves spread out from the main trunk like palm fronds.

When Pollinated By A Male Blue Holly, It Produces A Profusion Of Attractive Bright Red Berries From Fall Into Winter.

This hybrid plant is a cross between photinia glabra (japanese photinia) and photinia serratifolia (chinese photinia). Leaf margins are classified as: Evergreen shrubs with red foliage tend to be in deeper shades of burgundy and maroon, while there are deciduous varieties that will take on more fiery hues during the autumn.

Rapid Growing Upright Evergreen Broadleaf Tree.

They make for a great dense hedge, privacy bushes, or planted as part of a mixed border. The holly shrub is tolerant of coastal conditions and partial shade. This plant can be grown as a large.

Nandina Domestica Takes On Fiery Reds And Oranges In Late Autumn While Leucothoe Axillaris Red Lips Has Rich Dark Red New Growth.

Popular shrubs with red leaves include japanese maple, heuchera fire alarm, panacle hydrangea, sand cherry. These are best grown as solitary or container specimens and produ… Fabulous evergreen with red young foliage.

Throughout Much Of The Year This Shrub Sits Idle With Its Dark Green Leaves.

It can be grown in a sunny border or as a hedge. 2 litre pot in stock. “a deciduous shrub which typically grows in a mound to 10' tall w/a slightly larger spread, though.


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