Ruby Spider Daylily. Wide (22 cm), typically lasts no more than 24 hours (thus the common name 'daylily'), opening up in the morning and withering during the forthcoming night, possibly replaced by another one on the same scape (flower stalk) the next day. Year of registration or introduction:

RUBY SPIDER Oakes Daylilies
RUBY SPIDER Oakes Daylilies from

Year of registration or introduction: As a border plant, it gives a touch of elegance and sophistication with its green rosette up to 2 feet high and guarded flowers on thin stems that seem to float in the air from a distance. Buy 10 or more for $6.25 each.

The Petals Open Very Wide And Flat, Displaying The Large, Golden Yellow Throat And Matching Midribs.

Inspiring blooms that dwarf most all other daylilies. Buy 6 or more for $7.50 each. This early season daylily is tetraploid and dormant (deciduous).

One Look And It’s Easy To See Why This Incredible Daylily Is A Multiple Award Winner!

A tetraploid variety with twice the chromosomes of old fashioned daylilies, which account for larger flowers, lasting color and unbeatable vigor. ‘ruby spider’ is a variety that looks great as a specimen plant or makes a huge statement when planted in masses. They do bloom best in 6 hours or more of sunshine but will tolerate up to 4 hours of shade.

Daylily ‘Ruby Spider’ Is One Of The Proven Winners® Perennials.

The ruby spider daylily (hemerocallis 'ruby spider') is one variety of daylily you just have to have in your garden! The large petals are long and spoon shaped and open wide for all to see. She is a very different color than my golden stella and rates her own listing.

As A Border Plant, It Gives A Touch Of Elegance And Sophistication With Its Green Rosette Up To 2 Feet High And Guarded Flowers On Thin Stems That Seem To Float In The Air From A Distance.

The ruby spider daylily (hemerocallis ‘ruby spider’) is one variety of daylily you just have to have in your garden! Opens well every time putting on a consistent show here for over a decade. It has to do with the claim of this company selling it!

Yellow Punch, My Lowe’s Special A Few Years Ago, Opened On 6.15.

(stamile, 1991) height 34in (86cm), bloom 9in (23.0cm), season e, dormant, tetraploid, unusual form spatulate, ruby red spider self with yellow throat. It's obvious why this breathtaking recipient of many top awards is so popular. Dormant, red, spiders & ufo tag:


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