Scotts Shade Grass Mix. Scotts turf builder grass seed sun & shade mix is scotts most versatile mix, grows even in extreme conditions of dense shade or full sun. Does scotts rapid grass last?

Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Mix Sun/Shade Grass Seed
Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Mix Sun/Shade Grass Seed from

Take the scott's tall fescue mix that you normally use and mix in some creeping red fescue and chewings fescue seed with it. Best for dogs & pets: What kind of grass is scotts sun and shade mix?

Ten Pounds Of This Product Will Cove 325 Feet And 20 Pounds Covers 445 Square Feet.

What is the best scotts grass seed? Best for dogs & pets: Water well, and watch it grow.

This Mix Is Ideal For Seeding Around Or Under Areas Of Dense Trees, And It Grows With As Little As 3 Hours Of Sunlight.

We researched and tested grass seed from the top brands, evaluating ease of use, effectiveness, and formulation. What grass type is best for shade? The fescue should grow in 2 weeks, but it could take 28 days for the bluegrass to grow.

Scotts® Most Versatile Mix Stays Green Even In The Shade And Full Sun.

The average days for germination are 5 to 30. How to grow grass in shaded areas evaluate the amount of sunlight. The southern states grass contractors mixture is an economical mixture of 50% turf type tall fescue and 50% annual ryegrass grass seed.

Our Top Pick, The Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix, Is A Versatile Blend That Stands Up Well To Drought And Disease And Can Seed Up To 8,000 Square Feet Of Lawn.

Scotts wraps each seed in a unique 4 in 1 watersmart® plus coating that absorbs 2x more water than uncoated seed, feeds with essential nutrients, and helps protect seedlings from disease. Does scotts rapid grass last? Each of the grass seeds included in this mixture has been carefully chosen for their ability to produce grass that will remain green in extreme weather conditions, like scorching sun or dense shade.

It Is Designed For A Full Sun And.

For best results, add a thin layer of scotts® turf builder® lawnsoil™ before applying seed. Expect to see grass growing at a minimum of 12 days and. The seed mix is made from bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass.


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