Shade Loving Evergreen Container Plants. Place them in a few spots to ensure you have a little more color in your backyard view. 2′ to 12′ (depending on the variety) spread:

Summer Shade Container Gardening Inspiration Container
Summer Shade Container Gardening Inspiration Container from

Rhododendrons are a beautiful flowering evergreen bush with deep green foliage and gorgeous spring blooms. Place the plant in the hole with its root flare—where the roots meet the trunk—slightly above ground level. It thrives in full sun and partial shade, although it does produce more fruit in full sun.

Quick Advice For Maintaining Evergreens In Shade.

This fragrant and hardy evergreen is also used for medicinal purposes and is known to contain alkaloids with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, the boxwood has been used in containers, topiaries and for bonsai purposes. They can thrive in light shade as well as full sun.

It Is An Evergreen That Has A Deep Green And Lustrous Foliage, And Blooms In The Southern Hemisphere In March, April And May.

Climbing hydrangea (hydrangea petiolaris) canadian hemlock (tsuga canadensis) boxwood (buxus): Place the plant in the hole with its root flare—where the roots meet the trunk—slightly above ground level. The boxwood can be grown as a standalone plant, in groups or as a hedge.

This Container Has A Woodland Feel, With The Barrel Adding To The Rustic Look.

When to plant fast growing evergreen shrubs for shade Here are the 21 shade tolerant plant with showy foliage and flowers perfect for your container gardening. Cut back the geranium after flowering to encourage more blooms.

Pick Up Hosta From Thompson & Morgan.

Return the removed soil to the hole, packing it down gently. These are perfect for borders in a north facing garden.' see more garden landscaping tips. Simplicity is key here, with three container plants for shade used.

Different Carex Varieties Offer Green, Variegated Green And White, And Even Bronzish Brown Leaves, Giving You Lots Of Options When Choosing The Right One To Accompany The Other Plants In Your Shade Container.

Begonia (begonia spp.) begonias have been used to brighten up dark corners for a long time. Today, there are about 90 different species and more than 300 cultivars, making for a wide selection to choose from. Virginia creeper is a deciduous climbing plant that can be planted both in the ground and in a container.


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