Shade Native Shrubs. You just need to take the time to find them. Many trees, shrubs, and perennials are adapted to higher moisture levels.

ShadeLoving Native Plants Calendar
ShadeLoving Native Plants Calendar from

Sweetshrub tolerates light shade but will produce better foliage and bloom with some sun exposure. Prefers moist soil and partial shade. These flowering shrubs bloom with clusters of flowers in spring, and they produce both red fall foliage and blue berries in fall.

Leave The Spent Blooms To Provide Winter Interest And Prune The Hydrangeas In Spring.

Many trees, shrubs, and perennials are adapted to higher moisture levels. We've done the work for you! Quercifolia, is the best all round shrub for shade—everyone should have at least one!

Choose From This List Of Some Of The More Popular Plants For Sites That Are Fully Shaded Or Close To It.

Those shrubs that receive more will grow faster, while the shrubs in the shade will stay shorter. It can grow up to 20 feet high when mature. There are many beautiful and resilient plants from the woodland understory of eastern north america that can enliven a shady landscape on your property and change your perception about gardening in the shade.

It Blooms Most Prolifically In Part Shade To Dappled Shade, And Will Have Fewer Blooms In Deep Shade.

We’ll give you a hint: Prunus nigra sun, light shade: An enriching force in the landscape, native shrubs are ideal for creating sheltering habitat for birds along with a bounty of berries or nuts in the fall.

Small Shrubs For Wet Shade.

You might prefer to plant species you saw on the hilltop instead, to have a lower maintenance landscape, and settle for. California sweetshrub is a deciduous, bushy plant with aromatic, dark green leaves. When possible, plant species grown straight from local seed sources.

These Shrubs Will Spread By Suckers Unless You Remove Them.

This native texas shade perennial is covered in bright red blooms from late spring through fall. Coralberry’s most attractive feature is the clusters of red berries that stay on the branches throughout the winter. Never collect native plants from the wild as it will deplete natural ecosystems.


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