Small Perennial Flowers For Borders. Here are four versatile perennials to consider as border flowers: Flat against the wall, they take up little room but can provide foliage, flowers and fruit.

How To Plant A Hardy Perennial Border Like A Pro Plants
How To Plant A Hardy Perennial Border Like A Pro Plants from

Discover three ways to train a fruit tree. The ferny foliage stays lower to the ground, so you can place them toward the front of your flower bed or border. The airy flower spikes nicely fill out bare spaces in cottage gardens.

They Usually Grow To About Six Inches;

Perennial plants for front of the border. For shady narrow borders helleborus x hybridus is a good choice. Shady perennials have their fair share, too.

Full Sun Border Perennial Plants Can Include:

The flowers range from pale blue to deep violet or white, and the silvery green leaves have a minty aroma. Deep pink flowers hand from the stems in clusters in early summer. The dark green leaves on upright stems look good from late spring through fall.

The Ferny Foliage Stays Lower To The Ground, So You Can Place Them Toward The Front Of Your Flower Bed Or Border.

It produces dainty purplish blue flowers from spring into fall with deadheading. See more ideas about perennial border, perennials, beautiful gardens. Each bloom sits atop a long, wiry stem, which seem to dance in a breeze.

Flowering Catmint (Calamintha Nepeta) Is A Reliable Perennial That Is Loved By Bees, Butterflies, And Hummingbirds.

This is light enough to fit into a narrow space but has enough character to create an impression. The flowers on this small deciduous shrub are blue or purple color. Perfect for borders under trees or in front of porches that might cast shade, this short flowering annual only reaches a height of 6 inches.

The Airy Flower Spikes Nicely Fill Out Bare Spaces In Cottage Gardens.

Lobelia is an unusual border plant in that it can grow in shady areas. When bleeding heart is set in a smaller garden, we have an opportunity to explore the interfolded intricacies of this weird, tender flower. However, under ideal conditions, they can grow closer to 12.


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