Spiraea Japonica Vanhouttei. As it's large it's great for growing at the back of the flower beds with smaller plants in front of it. For most spiraea species, the height can range from 5 to 8 feet high and an equal spread;

Spiraea japonica 'Dart's Red', ZwergSpiere im
Spiraea japonica 'Dart's Red', ZwergSpiere im from www.garten-kremer.de

In spring to early summer, abundant domed clusters of tiny white flowers. Domed clusters of white flowers open along the stems in early summer. Although the plants will grow with some shade, they flower best in sunny locations.

In Mid To Late Spring, Abundant Clusters Of Tiny White Flowers Line The Arching Leafy Stems Producing A Dependable Display Every Spring.

In most species, the leaves are lanceolate (narrowly oval) and about 2.5 to 10 centimetres (0.98 to 3.94 in) long. A shrub to about 5 ft high, its branches usually terete, sometimes flattened and angled, glabrous or downy. In spring, the new leaves are vibrant red, gradually maturing to gold while retaining red tips at the ends of the.

It Is A Hybrid Cross Between S.

An old favorite for borders and hedging. Cantoniensis that is noted for its showy spring blooms and hardy nature. It's been a popular garden plant for more than 100 years.

Widely Adaptable And Tolerant Of Mild Drought When Established.

3 ⁄ 4 to 1 3 ⁄ 4 in. A bushy deciduous shrub to 90cm tall, with elliptic leaves heavily speckled with white and sometimes tinged pink, borne on pink stems; X prunifolia), native to japan, and its similar hybrid s.

Domed Clusters Of White Flowers Open Along The Stems In Early Summer.

Garland spirea (spiraea x arguta), or bridal wreath (spiraea x vanhouttei). Although the plants will grow with some shade, they flower best in sunny locations. Spiraea x vanhouttei is a large hybrid spiraea growing up to nearly 2 metres in height.

For Most Spiraea Species, The Height Can Range From 5 To 8 Feet High And An Equal Spread;

Buy spiraea x vanhouttei from. However, snowmound tends to be a bit smaller with a 2 to 4 foot height. Noted for its stunning variegated foliage, spiraea × vanhouttei 'pink ice' (vanhoutte spirea) is a bushy, mounding, deciduous shrub with elliptic, pale green leaves heavily speckled with white and tinged pink.


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