Spiraea Nipponica Snow Cover. Prune older stems to the ground to thin and rejuvenate. Spiraea is from the greek, denoting a plant used in wreaths or garlands.

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Very low, spreading plant shape. Snowmound spirea (spiraea nipponica snowmound) blooms in spring. Matt dark green healthy foliage.

Snowmound Spirea Is A Large Deciduous Shrub.

This plant produces beautiful white flower clusters in may through june. Easy to grow and beautiful as a hedge or standing alone. Use this shrub as a small hedge or single accent.

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The fall color will be copper/yellow. Matt dark green healthy foliage. Flowers of this spirea are made up five petals.

Each Petal Is Round And About The Size Of A Pencil Eraser.

Foliage turns to green and then a yellow hue in fall. Spiraea nipponica 'snowmound' has graceful spreading branches, and clusters of small white flowers which completely cover the upper sides of its branches from may to june. Spiraea nipponica is a species of flowering plant in the family rosaceae, native to japan.

Try These In Your Landscape:

This spirea is tight and more compact, and it features a beautiful arching habit. Grows with long graceful arms that become entirely covered in white blooms like a mound of snow in late spring. Spiraea nipponica 'snowmound' snow mound nippon spirea, bridal wreath spirea a deciduous shrub with a spreading, rounded growth habit.

Beautiful When Flowering But Now Equally Beautiful Covered In Real Snow.

Height to about 50 cm. Bloeit bijzonder rijk, in schermen met talloze kleine witte bloemen. Use at the back of the border or as a showy spring accent.


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