Spirea Japonica White. The shape of this spirea is much more dense and short. The resultant seedlings flowered in 1994 and because none of the yellow.

Spiraea japonica 'White Gold' Ballyrobert Gardens
Spiraea japonica 'White Gold' Ballyrobert Gardens from www.ballyrobertgardens.com

Other common names japanese spiraea 'white gold'. For usda zones 3 to 8. This mounding spirea is a sterile cultivar that is remontant, which means it repeat blooms.

A Particularly Lovely Variety Of Bridal Wreath, Spirea Japonica ‘Albiflora’ Bears A Profusion Of White Flowers Adored By Bees And Other Pollinators, In Contrast With Pale Green Foliage, From Midsummer To Autumn.

A small, upright, densely mounding, deciduous shrub native to eastern asia. Japanese white spirea is a much lower growing, more tightly compacted variety of spirea which features the same blooming power of it's larger sized spirea cousins, but in a smaller sized shrub. Great as an accent plant or for use in container gardening.

In Most Species, The Leaves Are Lanceolate (Narrowly Oval) And About 2.5 To 10 Centimetres (0.98 To 3.94 In) Long.

Spiraea japonica 'white gold' pp #13,609. Buy spiraea ‘island’ from thompson & morgan; It has a much more manageable size and comes in an assortment of colored foliage and even has a variety of bloom colors.

The Blossoms Are Followed By Small Capsules That Are Smooth And Glabrous.

Great in the foreground of shrub borders,. This mounding spirea is a sterile cultivar that is remontant, which means it repeat blooms. The leaves are simple and usually short stalked, and are arranged in a spiralling, alternate fashion.

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Spiraea japonica, the japanese meadowsweet or japanese spiraea, is a plant in the family rosaceae. Japanese spirea (spiraea japonica) has the widest color range, with foliage in shades of green, blue, gold or chartreuse. Japonica clan is a large group of ornamental shrubs that fall into the rose family.

Its Arching Branches Create A Rounded, Spreading Habit That Looks Superb When Planted In Groups As Ground Cover.

However, snowmound tends to be a bit smaller with a 2 to 4 foot height. Some of the more common selections of spiraea japonica, these may also be offered as selections of spiraea × bumalda: Hardy and easy to grow.


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