Tropical Plants That Grow In Shade. Chinese windmill palm (trachycarpus fortunei) is an evergreen plant that grows best in light shade. One of the simplest to grow of the best tropical plants, fatsia japonica are perfect for adding an instant jungle vibe to your small garden ideas.

Shade Plants for Central Texas Lisa's Landscape & Design
Shade Plants for Central Texas Lisa's Landscape & Design from

Begonia, bromeliads, anthurium, clivia, blue ginger, malaysian orchid, caladium, zebra plant, brazilian plume flower and bat flower. Other valuable tropical food plants that will grow in the shade include: Finding the right plants to grow in a shady spot is a common challenge, but there are far more choices than you think.

Far Beyond Deciding What Plants Grow Indoors In Shade Are The Cultural And Other Environmental Conditions For Interior Plants.

It’s a small shrub that can grow in shade. List of shade flowering plants and perennials that grow easily. The strangler fig (ficus aurea) and the weeping fig (ficus benjamina), both thriving in usda zones 10 to 11, are tropical trees that grow in full shade.

Ti Plants Are A Cordyline And Known For Their Lush Colors And Are Among The Most Sought After Tropical Plants.

This tough and hardy plant prefers part to full shade. Also known as painter’s palette, flamingo lily, tailflower and laceleaf, anthurium produces flowers in brilliant waxy red to shades of red. The chenille plant can be grown outdoors in the garden or in a container.

Begonia, Bromeliads, Anthurium, Clivia, Blue Ginger, Malaysian Orchid, Caladium, Zebra Plant, Brazilian Plume Flower And Bat Flower.

Houseplants that like shade still need light. It is an easy growing shade plant that grows in various conditions including hanging baskets and pots. They produce fragrant red, orange, pink, white, and yellow blooms during the summer.

They Thrive In Shady, Sheltered Spots And Dry Soil, Though They Will Need To Be Watered Once A Week In The Summer.

Start seeds indoors for spring planting, plant transplants, or direct sow seeds in late summer for a fall harvest. With shades of pink, red, and white, the exotic looking blooms are worth having in your garden on their own! In florida, it blooms on and off all year.

If You Like Large Leaf Patterns For Indoor Plants Like Philodendron, You Might Also Enjoy This Cold Hardy Plant In A Container On Your Porch.

Light to deep shade : They grow over 30 feet tall and have a spread of 6 to 10 feet, creating a commanding landscape presence. Fatsia japonica is a large tropical plant for your shade garden.


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