Yankee Blue Hosta. The wavy leaves hold their blue coloring well into summer, eventually turning blue. Nigrescens ‘elatior’ 20″ x 55″.

Yankee Blue Hosta Shade Perennial Blue Hosta Plant
Yankee Blue Hosta Shade Perennial Blue Hosta Plant from www.nhhostas.com

Origin 'blue arrow' x 'elatior' size category: Hosta 'yankee blue' back by popular demand! Hosta yankee blue / 2 gallons $ 19.99.

Originator(S) Bob Balitewicz/Bill Brincka 1999:

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: May 7, 2019 at 4:37 pm hosta 'yankee blue' plant type: When you have finished adding plants, open the cart to request a.

Nigrescens ‘Elatior’ 20″ X 55″.

(2.5 cm.) long, 6.0 in. 20″ high x 50″ spread. Hosta 'yankee blue' back by popular demand!

The Wavy Leaves Hold Their Blue Coloring Well Into Summer, Eventually Turning Blue.

A really nice blue variety with slightly wavy margins. Hostas are generally bluer when they first emerge as this is when the leaf bloom is developed.hosta ‘fragrant blue’ (which ironically is not fragrant) has an uncanny ability to send up new foliage late into the season which helps this hosta stay blue longer. De hoogte is 45 tot 50 cm en de groei is gemiddeld.

The Wavy Margins Add Elegance To The Wide,Symmetrical Clump That This One.

Rating * name email * review subject * comments * $12.00) current stock: I included the cross because it gives the idea of where the blue color and the shape of this hosta came from and the shape h. A seedling of 'blue arrow' x 'elaitor'.

Large Hosta Cultivar Hosta Yankee Blue Is A Hybrid Of Blue Arrow And Elatior'.

Mature mound is 21” by 50” wide; Hosta 'yankee blue' forms an attractive, symmetrical, dense mound of wavy blue foliage. Hosta thrive in shade, even in competition with tree.


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